There's nothing more exciting than creating a brand new product from scratch. Seeing a gap in the almond butter market, BrandHOUSE was asked to formulate a brand identity and design strategy that includes everything from brand name to eye catching packaging design. The branding and design is based around an oxymoron style that runs throughout the The Wise Nut brand name and packaging. Targeting a discerning and health conscious consumer, the overall look and feel of the product aims to reflect on both the wise and nutty qualities that the name suggests. The Wise Nut character is based around a conservative gentleman dressed in suitable attire that descends into an array of symbolic items that adorn his head and express the nutty side of his characteristics. The vintage theme continues throughout the packaging design with each variety of the product also including a unique "Wise Words" blurb. This is an on-going project for BrandHOUSE with further product varieties and digital design currently being finalised.

Brand concept and design:

Product & market research
Brand name
Logo design & branding
Packaging design
Web design and development

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